GunBroker Fees

GunBroker Fees

The GunBroker Fees will be different for both bidders or buyers and sellers. If you're the buyer or bidder, there is no recurring of membership fees. The company charges no fees to bidders who register with a government, corporate or ISP email address. The users of free email services such as Gmail, Yahoo, and AOL, etc. need to pay the activation fee of $1.00. The users whose registration is flagged as suspicious by the fraud prevention systems will be charged as $2.00 fee in order to perform the detailed security checking. For sellers, the company charges no insertion fees but two types of fees may be incurred while selling the items on 

GunBroker company charges a final value fee which is assessed only if your item ends with a winning bidder or the item can be purchased through the Buy Now function. It offers the optional services too at online GunBroker selling team and they used to enhance the listing. Here, you must be paid for whether the item is sold out or not. If you prefer the optional services as a seller of the GunBroker and the gun item does not sell, it can be relisted under the GunBroker items without paying any fees. In order to create a safe selling environment at GunBroker, you're required to pay the charges of @2.00 for verification of a detailed security check. If your identity is unable to verify, the company reserves the right to deny access to site features. 

For any item that is won by a bidder or buyer, the sellers need to pay the final value fee based on the selling prices of a specific gun item. In accordance with the user agreement, the bidders or buyers can purchase the gun items. If an item will not be sold, there is no final value fee is assessed. Basic listing of gun items at GunBroker selling online is completely free of charges unless the item is won by a bidder or buyer. The sellers can use the HTML to create the fancy listings and pictures within the item listing page are free. 

At GunBroker online store, the sellers are assessed a final value fee when the item sells. As a seller, you can use the optional services such as thumbnail images, bold titles, view counters, subtitles, highlighting, colored titles, featured and scheduled listings, and showcase which are charged at the time of listing and are non refundable. In order to be able to list items for sale, each seller place the payment method on file. The seller will receive a statement showing fees for the prior month and the balance due on the statement will be billed to the payment method. 

For suppose, if your payment method is unable to authorise, you will not be able to update the listing of additional items online until your payment method is processing on file. You can specify the secondary payment method to help keep your account. Manual payment is available at GunBroker selling services online where you can wish to make the payment other than one on a file. The payments can be charged via check or money order is also available for sellers.